Our story

Kiwi Designed, Enjoyed Worldwide

The sun down under is no joke. It can get a little toasty, which is great for BBQ’s, swimming and solar panels but not so great for keeping your beer ice-cold or your wine beautifully chilled.

Founded in New Zealand by a couple of Kiwis who love a cold beer, Huski is all about delivering a better drinking experience by keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature for longer.

We design products that are high performance, built to last and timeless in style, so that it’s better for our customers, and the planet.

We started this adventure in New Zealand, but we now sell Huskis all over the world, including shipping locally from our Sydney warehouse in Australia.

Australian Good Design Award Winner

Designing great products that people love is really important to us and using customer feedback to help shape Huski products has turned out to be an award-winning formula. 

We’ve won a number of awards for our Huski Coolers including the prestigious Australian Good Design Award. This is the highest accolade for design and innovation in the country, and we're absolutely stoked to be recognised alongside some of the best designs in the world.